Monday, March 28, 2011

David Merritt Rivera is here!

David was born this morning at 7:04 am and we are happy and tired and very, very happy.

K wasn't due until April 5th and we had plenty to do at home still to prepare, but you don't always get to set your circumstances.

"Uno propone; Dios dispone."

At 10 pm last night, K's water broke rather dramatically at home just as she was getting up from the couch.  Since she was feeling well, we were able to call our OB on call and get our things ready (including taking Mia for a walk) and head over to the hospital.  In what seemed like a New York minute, suddenly K was contracting every 3 minutes and starting to feel it.  A little medical intervention here and a little pain control there and we had as good a labor and delivery as I could hope for (of course, I wasn't the one in pain).

David was born bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and seemed very ready for the world.  Not to be too proud, but for a young, little guy, he's been quite awake and a great feeder so far.

We're keeping visitors to a minimum, so so far only grandparents have seen the tyke (3 out of 4 as of right now--#4 is on his way).  Even then, we're barely catching up on a long night's sleep 30 minutes at a time with all the feeding, changing, skin-to-skin, snacking, etc.

In all, though.  We're happy.  All three of us are happy.  (We're not sure about Mia--she may be a little miffed about the arrival.  Time will tell.)

It's 3 a.m.

It's happening, amazingly enough. I haven't told anybody about this blog, so some very intrepid readers must be searching this out to read it in real-time.

K's water broke at 10 p.m. and we were able to get things nice and collected (with just a little I Love Lucy running around on my part-K had everything figured out).

We've chosen to keep the birthing process private-I'll be the only one with K. This seems like the sane thing for us to do. I'm just afraid that some may feel left out, but that'll have to be their problem. K deserves her privacy and some semblance of control.

All's good so far...