Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How do "normal" people do this?

Hats off to people jumping into parenting without a combined two decades of pediatric experience!

I have to say, so far, we've been very blessed with David's health and sleep and eating habits.  K is exceptionally well read in regards to breastfeeding and David took to it like a champ.  Even so, it can be challenging, even to me--and I'm just a spectator.

Add on to that all the little grunts, whistling sounds from the nose, crying, unexplained fussiness (until it's explained by a diaper moistened by dew)--I feel and understand the fright of many of the parents I deal with.

And the weird thing is that I don't know that the grunts and whistles are normal because I learned it in medical school or because it was presented during residency.  The only way I know it's normal behavior is because I've heard the concerns for years and know that, in most cases, it passes.

Medical school teaches about disease.  Residency teaches how to investigate and organize and manage.  Experience teaches us normality.

Thankfully, I've got a decade-plus of experience that lets me sleep at night.

And goodness knows what it must be like to be the first-time parents of a sick child...

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